Press 2022


12/14/22 – San Francisco Chronicle
S.F. Roadmap for 82,000 Homes gets Key Approval as Deadline Looms

12/7/22 – SocketSite
Waylaid Mission District Development Back on the Boards

12/5/22 – San Francisco Standard
Time Is Running Out for a Great-Great-Grandmother Facing Eviction

11/30/22 – The Real Deal
Nonprofit Developers Eye 170 Affordable Units in the Mission District

11/30/22 – Newswire
End Child Poverty California Coalition Statement of Principles on the Special Legislative Session

11/28/22 – San Francisco Standard
170 Homes Planned for Former San Francisco Homeless Shelter Site

11/2/22 –
MEDA Provides Immigrant Families With Tools to Rebuild Credit and Create Generational Wealth

11/1/22 –
San Francisco Takes Key Step to Bring Innovative New Transit and Affordable Housing Development to Potrero Bus Yard

11/1/22 – The Real Deal
Australia’s Plenary to Lead Redevelopment of SF’s Potrero Yard

10/28/22 – San Francisco Chronicle
Massive S.F. Housing Development at Muni Bus Yard Moves Ahead with Developer Pick

10/26/22 – UnidosUS Blog
Getting Back to Business: UnidosUS’s Latinx in Business Program Supports Pandemic Recovery by Equipping Small Business Owners with Digital Solutions

10/18/22 – KQED
What’s Driving the Spike in Homelessness for Latinos in San Francisco?

10/18/22 – Greenbuild Tour Spotlight
Affordable Housing in the Mission District

10/17/22 – Clear Impact
Social Sector Hero Spotlight: Mission Promise Neighborhood

10/4/22 – NeighborWorks America Blog
On a Mission

9/22/22 – Univision (video)
Consejos para Elaborar un Currículum Atractivo para Encontrar un Buen Trabajo

9/12/22 – Univision (video)
Consejos para Poder Identificar Ofertas de Trabajo Falsas o Fraudulentas

8/25/22 – Telemundo (video)
Negocios Podrán Aplicar por Ayuda Económica de Hasta $2,500 en San Francisco

8/16/22 – Medium
How Backbone Organizations Build Civic Infrastructure for Stronger Communities

8/16/22 – San Francisco Chronicle “Fixing Our City” Podcast (8:28 mark)
Listen: How the Mission’s Latino Leaders Stepped Up to Respond to COVID-19

8/8/22 – Enterprise Community Partners Blog
Putting Preservation First in Northern California

7/29/22 – The Hill
How Civic Infrastructure Delivers Promising Results in San Francisco

7/27/22 – The Democratic Query

Noncitizen Parents Can Vote in San Francisco School Board Recall. But Will They?

7/27/22 – PNC Bank Media Room
PNC Bank Launches Community Advisory Council with 17 New Members Appointed

7/20/22 – San Francisco Chronicle (.pdf)
S.F.’s Mission District has had 649 Affordable Homes Open in Two Years. Is it Having an Impact?

6/3/22 – Mission Local
Casa Adelante, 100-Percent Affordable and Electric Building Took Decades of Advocacy

6/3/22 – Patch
New Affordable Apartments Open In Mission District

6/2/22- Funcheap SF
SF Opens 127-unit, 100% Affordable Housing Development in the Mission

6/2/22 – Office of the Mayor News Releases
Mayor London Breed Celebrates Grand Opening of New Affordable Homes for Families and Transitional Age Youth in the Mission

5/26/22 – KPIX/CBS San Francisco Bay Area
Carnaval San Francisco CEO Realizing Dream of Providing Housing, Arts Center in Mission District

5/17/22 – 48 Hills
A Public Bank for San Francisco is Moving Forward, this Week

5/15/22 – Oakland Post
Mayor London Breed, Speaker Nancy Pelosi Celebrate Grand Opening of 100% Affordable Housing in Mission

5/12/22 – 48 Hills
Crack Down on Homeless People—or Prevent People from Becoming Homeless?

5/9/22 – Les Echoes (French)
A San Francisco, Ces Deux Rues qui ont Bouleversé la Ville

5/5/22 – Funcheap SF
SF Celebrates Grand Opening of 100% Affordable Housing in the Mission

5/5/22 – World Journal (Chinese)
Casa Adelante – 2828 16th St. Grand Opening

5/5/22 – Mission Local
Casa Adelante is the Mission’s Latest 100 Percent Affordable Housing, and is Galeria de la Raza’s New Home

5/5/22 – Mission Local
Prop. I Could Make Social Housing a Reality— if the Mayor Disburses Funds

5/5/22 – Hoodline
Nancy Pelosi on Hand for Grand Opening of 143-Unit Affordable Housing Complex in the Mission

5/5/22 – Office of the Mayor News Releases
Mayor London Breed and Speaker Nancy Pelosi Celebrate Grand Opening of 100% Affordable Housing in the Mission

5/5/22 – SFist
Report: Hundreds of Below-Market-Rate Units Sit Empty, Despite Waiting List of More Than 20,000

5/4/22 – Mission Local
Report Finds Hundreds of Affordable Units in Mixed-Income Buildings are Vacant

4/26/22 – Telemundo (video)
Hasta $2,000 por Hijo: Ciertos Residentes de California Podrían Calificar a la Ayuda

4/23/22 – San Francisco Chronicle
Wellness Fair in the Mission Links Latinos with Community Resources

4/18/22 – Univision (video)
¿Qué Debo Hacer si No Puedo Presentar la Declaración de Impuestos Antes del 18 de Abril?

4/14/22 – Univision (video)
Aumento del Precio de la Renta en Varias Ciudades de EEUU Supera el 30% y Golpea la Economía de los Hogares

4/1/22 – KQED
How to Find Free Tax Help Near You — and Prepare Everything You Need for Your Appointment

3/30/22 – U.S. Department of the Treasury Press Releases
READOUT: Secretary of the Treasury Janet L. Yellen’s Meeting with UnidosUS

3/28/22 – East West Bank Blog
Tax Day is Coming Up — Here’s How VITA Can Help

3/17/22 – Univision (video)
Así es Como Vendedores Ambulantes en San Francisco Podrán Solicitar Hasta 2,500 Dólares de Apoyo a Partir de Mayo

3/15/22 – Felton Institute Blog
Partner Spotlight: Mission Economic Development Agency

3/14/22 – Next City
Strategies to Promote Affordable Commercial Space in Cities

3/12/22 – Telemundo (video)
Consejos para Tramitar el Número de ITIN

3/8/22 – Univision (video)
Podrían Imponer Nuevas Medidas a Vendedores Ambulantes

3/7/22 – Power Station (podcast)
We are Part of a Growing Movement Towards a Community Backbone Agency Led Society

2/23/22 – Mission Local
MEDA Wants $12M in City Funds for Teacher Housing in Mission

2/17/22 – Next City
Will S.F. Mayor Spend $64M Slated for Affordable Housing?

2/10/22 – Next City
S.F. Affordable Housing Program Aims for Balance

2/4/22 – EdSource
Noncitizen Parents Can Vote in San Francisco School Board Recall. But Will They?

2/3/22 – 6Park
Non-Citizen Parents Can Vote to Impeach the San Francisco School Board. But Will They?

2/3/22 – USA Newshour
San Francisco Nonprofit Housing Partnership Brings Affordable Housing Ahead of Schedule and Under Budget Through SF’s Small Sites Program

2/1/22 – Next City
With Donations as Small as $20, Land Trust Makes $9.4M Affordable Housing Buy in S.F.

1/31/22 – San Francisco Examiner
Noncitizens Urged to Vote in S.F. School Board Recall Election

1/27/22 – AsAm News 
San Francisco Immigrants Granted Permanent Right to Vote in School Board Elections

1/27/22 – San Francisco Chronicle
City Leaders, Advocates Push For Non-Citizen Voter Participation Ahead Of School Board Recall Election

1/26/22 – San Francisco Examiner
San Francisco Needs to Plan for 80,000 Homes. Where Will They Go?

1/21/22 – Patch
San Francisco Office of the Mayor: San Francisco Extends Funding for Right to Recover Program to Support Coronavirus-Positive Workers

1/20/22 – Legal Newsline
CFPB Fends Off Challenge to Repeal of Ban on High-Interest Loans

1/14/22 – Law360
CFPB Gets Payday Rule Rollback Challenge Tossed

1/9/22 – El Reportero
Resources for Those Impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic

1/7/22 – San Francisco Business Times
Largest Business Advocacy Organizations

1/6/22 – Full Circle Fund Connect
Grant Partner News