b'Theory of Change How We WorkCURRENT CONDITION ACTIVITIES OUTCOMES Building on its 46-yearDirect wealth-building servicesPositive financial outcomeshistory as a trusted anchorfor individuals and families New housing and income opportunities Latino- and immigrant-owned and serving institution, MEDA isPreservation and productionof affordable real estate businessesresponding to an inequity(residential and commercial)and displacement crisisNet new affordable real estate (residential and commercial)Multi-generational family for Latino families inwraparound servicesSan Franciscos MissionWraparound service connections academic, social, medical, mental health, legalCivic, leadership and District. MEDA is sharingprofessional development Latino- and immigrant-centric equity its community-development legislationPolicy analysis and advocacy, ecosystem across thecommunity leadershipLatino elected officialscountry to move communitydevelopment and activation members from displacement Latino voter engagementInfusion of equitable, defense to Latino equity,anti-displacement capital Latino- and immigrant-focused lendingfor entrepreneurship and thereby building familyOrganizational training and technical generational wealth. real estate assistance Cross-community Thought leadershipconvenings and capacity-buildingpublications Coalition-building Racial and economic equity framework4'