b'Fondo Adelante2 0 1 9 N U M B E R SAnti-Displacement Capital (fall 2015 launch to 12/31/19)to Maintain Place 93loansMany Latinos, who are often newcomers to the U.S., dream of building wealth by starting total disbursed$3.5ma small business. From beauty salons to65%to womenproduce markets, these family-serving businesses are vital to the ecosystem of a77%to Latinosthriving, diverse neighborhood. One issue tosuch culturally relevant businesses scaling99.2%Repayment ratecan be the lack of capital available to them at traditional lenders. Theres where MEDA s community loan arm comes in, with Fondo Adelante offering low-interest loans, often used as anti-displacement capital. Its about maintaining place. To scale its work, Fondo Adelante is being capitalized to add real estate lending, sothat much-needed affordable housing canbe built not just in the Mission, but across the Bay Area.12'