b'Place S T R AT E G I E SFirst-time homebuyers assistanceBelow-market-rate (BMR) application outreach/assistanceFamily generational wealth must not only be attained:Community anti-displacement It must also be maintained. We call this communitycapital (Fondo Adelante)ownership and cultural placekeeping. This is the goal ofCommunity Real Estateour equitable, anti-displacement neighborhood approach.Community ownership comprises a trio of MEDA innovative2 0 1 9 N U M B E R S19 strategies: a housing opportunities program assistingNew homeownerscommunity member with becoming first-time homebuyers and entering lotteries for below-market-rate (BMR)BMR placements58 apartments in San Francisco; anti-displacement capital disbursed via our Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), Fondo Adelante; and community real estate to preserve and produce affordable housing, plus create permanent homes for culturally relevant small business, nonprofits and arts & cultural institutions. These strategies are reversing the trend of displacement in San Franciscos Mission District, keeping intact the ecosystem of support needed for families to not just survive, but thrive.11'