b'Todo mi juventud se qued aqu.(All of my youth stayed here. )R A U L VA S Q U E Z45-Year Mission District residentAs a young man in the mid-1970s, Raul Vasquez emigrated from Mexico in search of greater opportunities. He settled in San Franciscos Mission District, then, as now, a welcoming hub for Latino immigrants. The neighborhood showcased the sights, sounds and language of home, plus there were culturally relevant services for newcomers.Don Raul created a life in the Missionand like many changemakershelped create the Mission itself over the years. That is why he was filled with fear when he received a no-fault eviction notice, knowing he could never afford the current high rents in the neighborhood. Being proactive, Don Raul worked with MEDA to get rental ready and he fortuitously won the lottery for our nonprofits 100% percent affordable housing development for seniors, Casa Adelante1296 Shotwell. This property opened in December 2019 and is the first 100% affordable-housing development in the Mission in a decade. Don Raul has now moved into his brand-new, affordable home, and can age inplacewith dignity while remaining close to his community of friends, doctors, shopsand the life he has built over four-and-a-half decades.10'