b'MEDA created equity of opportunity fora record 8,700 community members in 2019a 15% increase year over year.Effective services have been MEDAs foundation since its start way back in 1973.We are proud to have bettered the lives of thousands upon thousands of families over the decades, leveraging their inherent strengths so that they can create generational wealth. This is especially true for the two-thirds of MEDA clients who are immigrantsnewcomers seeking opportunities to improve their lives. While that vision remains at the core of our work, the housing crisis in San Franciscos Mission District compelled our organization to quickly pivot six years ago. The ubiquitous Front Cover: stories of housing insecurity left us no choice: We realized that our nonprofit needed to build on direct services Joaquin Herrera-Gil, to create community ownership, as a means of maintaining place. Plus, knowing that place must continuously be one of our future changemakers. maintained, we needed to activate the power of our Latino community. Photo by Sandra Herrera. With the success of our services and strategies, we are now sharing our models locally, regionally and nationally now at 40 organizations and counting, from urban to rural and everything in between.The bottom line is that MEDA isbuilding equity through Latino wealth, place and power. As you turn the pages of this annual report, I ask you to envision your part in our work to create a movement.Join us aschangemakers!Luis GranadosChief Executive Officer2'