b'The time is now. M A R I A J A N D R E SCommunity Leader/PromotoraMaria Jandres works to make sure that Latinos in California know they have rightsand that such rights must be demanded. MEDA has activated community leaders like Maria to work alongside us to push or oppose major policy decisionspolicies our communities determine would hurt the Mission, and Latinos in general. In 2019, this included busloads of community members taking theirpowerby heading to the capitol in Sacramento to sideline state Senate Bill 50, a flawed, one-size-fits-all housing measure that mostly pushed forth market-rate housing while failing to protect vulnerable California communities, such as the Mission, experiencing gentrification. Community members are also often spotted at San Francisco City Hall, making their voices heard about policies needed to build Latino generational wealth and maintain place.Maria is a true leaderone of manychangemakers in our community, and beyond.14'