b'Power S T R AT E G I E SPolicy AdvocacyCommunity leadersInequitable opportunities for advancement,Promotor/as (community leaders conducting outreach)coupled by federal policies and rhetoricMission Adelante 501(c)(4)intentionally attacking our community, have inevitably had a demoralizing effect;2 0 1 9 N U M B E R Showever, we are resolved to step into our10Policy winspower, and shift from a reactive, defensive stance to a proactive power-buildingHIGHLIGHTSstrategy. Thats why MEDA works toPassage of Prop. A , a San Francisco ballot initiative that will provide $600,000,000 for affordable housing.foster leadership in the Missions LatinoSidelining of SB 50, a flawed, one-size-fits-all housing immigrant community, and beyond. Thismeasure that mostly pushed forth market-rate housing while failing to protect vulnerable California ensures that our community can decide forcommunities, such as the Mission.ourselves which issues are priorities, thenAdvancement of SB 686 to secure lasting funding for organize to claim our place as drivers ofexisting Mission Promise Neighborhood and create more California Promise Neighborhoods.this countrys future.201Community leaders developed/activated While place comes out of community13Promotor/as trained for community engagementownership, it must be combined with political power to ensure that systems offer access to opportunity for all.15'