b'$ 850,000 ($430K disbursed by 44 MEDA; the remainder disbursed by six partners)SAN FRANCISCO FAMILY RELIEF FUND DOLLARS DISBURSEDLAPTOPS TOACTIVATION ACTIVATION TO DISTRIBUTE RESOURCES:MISSION FAMILIES$ 106(to bridge the digital divide for kids learning at home)PRESS MENTIONS (in local, regional, statewide and national outlets)DONATED LAPTOPS 2.4MWhen the pandemic hit, many San Franciscans started telecommuting while also teaching their kids at home since offices and schools were forced to shutter their doors. For others, these challenges were all theRIGHT TO RECOVER FUNDS DISBURSEDgreater, the expectation that everyone has a desktop computer at (to COVID-19 positive community members from DPH referral)home not being the reality for far too many Latino and immigrant community members. So with in-kind donations of computers in hand, MEDA staff safely took to the streets of the Mission to deliver laptops,$ 130,000much to the delight of parents and students alike. Equity of education has long been a goal of the Mission Promise Neighborhood, our ACTIVATIONcommunity anti-poverty education initiative for which MEDA is the lead agency. Bridging digital and educational divides became moreMISSION FAMILIES RELIEF FUND DOLLARS DISBURSEDimportant than ever during the pandemic.(primarily funded by one philanthropist)9'