b'5,629,97671 $ IN SMALL BUSINESS LOANSEQUITY IN HOUSING: COMMUNITY FAMILIES PLACEDEQUITY(SF HELP, Latino Small Business Fund, El Pajaro CDC and FA Emergency)IN BMR HOMESPROMOTORAS (includes 26 children) 4.3M IN FEDERAL $PPP LOANS(garnered for 52 small businesses, including home-based OUTREACH DURING A PANDEMIC family child care providers, with MEDAs assistance)Promotoras, our community outreach workers, have quickly become integral to MEDAs service delivery model. Their culturally relevant understanding of and connection with the community we serve hasPEOPLE FEEL COMFORTABLE AND HAVE proved invaluable, especially when they conducted a holistic analysisTRUST [FOR MEDA] TO BE THERE AND of family need during the start of the COVID-19 crisis. This work runs the gamut from COVID-19 contact tracing to helping with BMRPROVIDE SERVICES. MEDA PROMOTORAhousing applications. As an example of impact, the assistance of a promotora led to the Carlos Pinto family moving into their new two-bedroom BMR home in the Mission. Prior, the Pintos have been11,021sharing an apartment with other families in the Tenderloinunsafe conditions during the pandemic. We look to evolve our promotoras model to ensure its full integration into our approach to equitable service delivery over the long term, as these grassroots workers haveBMR LOTTERY APPLICATIONS SUBMITTEDshown themselves to be trusted community leaders. (average four applications per family)7'