b'TOGETHERNESSTOGETHERNESS 2,072 1,036PPE MASKS AND SANITIZERSPPE FACE SHIELDS DISTRIBUTEDDISTRIBUTED (to Mission small businesses)(to Mission small businesses)TOGETHERNESS WITH SMALL BUSINESSES:PPE DISTRIBUTION 20+ ORGANIZATIONS COMPRISING Sanitizer. Surgical masks. Face shields. Not exactly the items theTHE LATINO TASK FORCEMEDA Business Action Team thought they would be distributing when we turned the calendar to 2020. Yet when the pandemic hit in March, small ventures in the Mission were forced to close. As the virus ebbed and flowed, there were times in 2020 when these ventures could offer curbside pickup or (somewhat) open their doors to customers. Thats36why the City of San Francisco partnered with MEDA to allocate PPE by temporarily reopening the doors of our Plaza Adelante neighborhood center. All social distancing and masking protocols were followed by MEDA staff and our clients, the latter feeling a sense of togethernessMISSION COMMUNITYduring what had been an isolated time for most. Decades of trust hadTHURSDAY MEETINGS HELDbeen built toward creating such a feeling of togetherness, and our(to foster togetherness of community-based organizations)staff could still feel bonded with our community.13'