b'ACTIVATION is an integral part of MEDAs work, which is intri- with its Mission Techies and Mission Admins job training pro-cately grounded in the experience and expertise of our com- grams, switching from an in-person to a virtual format.munity members. To get out the story of the Latino and immigrant Mission com-Even during the pandemic, our nonprofit continued its work tomunitybeingdisproportionatelyaffectedbythepandemic, mobilize local leaders. Their voices needed to be heard aroundMEDAs Communications team used anecdotal stories, coupled ACTIVATIONissues that matter most to them. That included reversing dis- with the Evaluation teams data, to drive the narrative in local placement, plus promoting community ownership of neigh- media. These stories being in the press compelled the City to borhood establishments, cultural institutions, business capitalact swiftly to address the inequities surfaced by the pandemic.and homes. There was a call for activation to provide immediate economicThrough it all, MEDAs Policy & Advocacy team continued to relief in the Mission. Working with Bay Area philanthropists, wepush for local and statewide measures based on if they had our created our first-ever direct relief funds, with monies rapidlycommunitys best interests in mindwith community members disbursed to families most in need. The City of San Franciscoalways invited into the process. Other activation continued in even came to MEDA to disburse Right to Recover funds, pro- the form of that teams Census 2020 community outreach to viding two weeks of income to community members so theymake sure all Mission residents, including the undocumented, could self-quarantine when they fell ill to the virus. Our Evalua- would be counted so resources would later be properly allo-tion team, pivoting to devise and track better-off measurescated. An education campaign, already well underway, never relating to a pandemic, found that the bulk of these funds wereceased despite the pandemic, often harnessing the power of used to pay for the essentials of rent, food and utilities. MEDAs robust social media channels.To continue the activation of community members profes- MEDAs work is never done in a silo. Our community is always sional growth, our Workforce Development team pressed onfront and center. An activated community.8'