b'DESPITE A YEAR OF UNPRECEDENTED CHALLENGES, 2020 WILL BEThesepartnershipsbroughtan unprecedented $28.5 million com-REMEMBERED AS A TIME WHEN WE JOINED TOGETHER TO KEEPmitment from the City, which ledEQUITY,OUR COMMUNITY MOVING FORWARD THROUGH A GLOBAL CRISIS. to additional testing sites, relief funds for COVID-19 positive com- ACTIVATION, While San Franciscos Mission District has experienced manymunity members, grants and 0%-AUDACITY, challengessystemic issues we were steadfastly combattinginterest loans for small businesses, with the support of our supporters, partners, staff, Board andlearning hubs for our communitysTOGETHERNESS community membersthe COVID-19 crisis demanded achildren and more. Documentation new approach to our work. Our organization was uniquelystatus was never a criterion for anyAND IMPACTpositioned to meet the moment. We had built trust in theof this assistance, closing federal community since 1973, we could leverage strong partnershipsrelief program gaps.and coalitions, and we had established community hubs via our Mission Promise Neighborhood collaborative. An internalTHROUGH IT ALL, MEDA pivot was made, with a strategy implemented around the for-mation of three MEDA Action Teams focused on sustainingREMAINED TRUE TO OUR VALUES. incomes, housing and small businesses in our community. These values wereand always arefront of mind. As you An external pivot was also made, as Mission nonprofits andturn the pages of our 2020 Impact Report to learn how we individualsbandedtogethertoaddressurgentneedsofmet the crisis head on, you will notice this story is told via community members who were among the hardest hit eco- these five core values.nomically and physically by the pandemics fallout. Many lostOur values will also guide our work moving forward, as we jobs, and those still employed were frontline essential work- collectively define and implement equitable recovery strate-ers often living in overcrowded conditions or multigenera- gies to ensure no historically marginalized community is ever tional households, creating the perfect storm to foment adisproportionately affected by such a crisis again. MEDA vows crisis. MEDA generated significant impact via our steward- to work to make that happen. Juntos, Adelante.ship of the San Francisco Latino Parity & Equity Coalition, our ongoing involvement with the newly formed Latino TaskIn solidarity, Force, and by convening and participating in weekly Thurs-day meetings with other Mission-based organizations. Luis GranadosCHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER3'