b'2519,917 FACEBOOK LIVES110 CLIENT SESSIONS IN 2020 (to disseminate culturally relevant health and economic information; MEDAs FAMILIES PREPARED(for 8,255 community members) Facebook page has WITH MATERIALS FOR35,000 followers)DISTANCE LEARNING 5,622(at July 2020 back-to-school event in the Mission)COMMUNITY MEMBERS ASSISTED WITH FINANCIAL PRODUCTS(including 3,187 applications to local, state and national relief funds)AUDACITY It was a different sort of experience for our Mission1,600 BOOKS ON BEHALF OF Promise Neighborhood team in July 2020, as a new OUR STUDENTS: strategy to safely get students ready for the upcoming READY FORhomeschool year was needed. In partnership withDISTRIBUTEDSFUSDs Early Education Department, staff distributed(to 300+ kids in two hours at MPNDISTANCEbackpacks and educational material kits to sociallySixth Annual Holiday Book Giveaway)LEARNING distanced, mask-wearing families with children in7 EVERYONE IS DOING grades PreK to second. They also learned of videosaligned with SFUSD distance learning activitiesproduced by Mission teachers so that parents could be assisted in ensuringWEBINARS/students did not fall behind during the challenge of being away fromTRAININGSTHEIR JOB AND LEARNING the classroom. Additionally, our annual year-end holiday bookAROUND giveaway still occurred for hundreds of kids. Despite the hardshipsDECOLONIZINGALONG THE WAY.AUDACIT YMEDA ACTION TEAM LEAD 11DATAcaused for students by the pandemic, in 2020 our families still felt (conducted by MEDA supported and prepared, with audacity always the word of the day. Evaluation team)'