b'a legacy of . Cultural Placekeeping 2022 By the Numbers 1,744Client Story total residents served in 2022It was a beautiful Christmas present, says Mara Elena2,053of her familys move on Christmas Eve Day 2022 intototal units (residential + commercial/office)681 Florida Street - Casain the pipeline since 2014Adelante, an 100% affordable housing building and creative1,302arts space built by MEDA withnew construction units in the pipelinethe Tenderloin Neighborhoodin larger sites buildingsDevelopment Corporation. For 10 years, Mara and her439family had struggled throughRental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) unhealthy housing and no-faultpreserved since 2014 evictions. Eventually leavingthe Missionher only home after immigrating from 303El Salvador. Mara diligently worked with MEDAs housingtotal small site affordable housing units team to win a unit. preserved since 2014 Recalling her homecoming to the Mission at Casa9Adelante: I cried of joy, Mara says. I did not expect to move to a place that had just been built and in the areanonprofits placed/to be placed in commercial where I wanted to live. spaces for cultural placekeeping 7'