b'a legacy of . Solidarity & NationalA Legislative Win Collaborations for the MissionMEDA coordinated HICA!champions economic equality, civic engagement, andcitywide allies in an social justice for Latino immigrant families in Alabama.advocacy campaign to Since 2015, MEDA has shared its community development work with HICA! and members of National Association of Latinodefeat AB 2063, which Community Asset Builders. HICA! adopted MEDAs integratedwould have eliminated Financial Capability Client Story model in their growing$24 million per year in community economic development programaffordable housing which enabled HICA!funding for San Francisco, to work with 219 Latino small business clientsincluding an estimatedin Alabama. $5 million annually forThe strategies andthe Mission District.practices put in place continue to build success. It was an honor for MEDA to be able to support HICA! throughout the years, says Richard Raya, MEDAs Chief Strategy Officer. By working with this wonderful organization, we were able to clarify how we will share our model for years to come.13'