Claudia, Workforce Development

Claudia, Workforce Development

Name: Claudia Garcia
Home: Castro District, San Francisco
Placement: Marriott Marquis
Job Coach: Robert Lopez

What have been your prior jobs?
I worked two years as a cashier/barista at La Boulange and three years before that as a cook/food runner at the Cheesecake Factory. They closed all La Boulange stores after Starbucks bought them. Everyone was getting laid off. I lost my job there, too, which was unfortunate because they paid me well. The people and manager were all very professional.

How did you hear about MEDA?
My manager had a flier for a Culinary Job Fair MEDA was going to host at Valencia Gardens on September 1st.

What is your new job?
I’m a barista/cashier at the Marriott Marquis. They pay me well ($20/hour), plus the people are really nice and very professional. I like my manager, too.

How did MEDA help you get this job?
MEDA Job Coach Robert Lopez met me at the Culinary Job Fair. He asked me questions about my work experience and about the type of work for which I was looking. Robert motivated me and told me to approach the employers by being polite and confident, presenting my skills and background and what I could offer them. Thank you, MEDA, for helping me get employed again!

Have you used any other free services at MEDA?
Yes, Free Tax Preparation and Housing Opportunities.

Looking for a new job? Find out how MEDA’s free Workforce Development program can help.

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