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From 0-750 in 6 Months? It’s MEDA’s Secured Credit Card to the FICO Score Rescue

Financial Capability is a thread that ties together MEDA’s service integration model, as evidenced daily at Plaza Adelante, the nonprofit’s Mission neighborhood center. Whether a client’s goal is to find a job or buy a first home or start a small business, one’s finances being in order is essential. The Need Jaqueline Marcelos, MEDA Financial…

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Personal Savings for Microbusiness Clients

Plaza Adelante, the neighborhood center of the Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA), welcomes financially challenged, budding entrepreneurs every day. There are two things these new clients have in common: a dream of starting their own business and the need of capital to make that dream a reality. New Report on Personal Finances and Small-Business Ventures…

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