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100 Percent Affordable Housing in the Mission, Plus Arts Space? Community Feedback on 1990 Folsom

Longtime Mission and San Francisco residents are sure to remember Rainbo Bakery, once a bustling neighborhood venture that, unfortunately, was compelled to shutter its doors a decade ago. The good news is that this abandoned bakery, at 1990 Folsom (cross street 16th), is now ready to bring grist for the mill to the community. The…

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MEDA’s Creative Strategies for Creative Placekeeping in the Mission

by Director of Community Real Estate Karoleen Feng Contributed to by Senior Project Manager Feliciano Vera The Mission has a decades-long history of being a hub for an inclusive community of arts & cultural institutions that reflect the neighborhood’s Latino, LGBTQ and immigrant identities. The Mission has been a home for institutions such as Galeria…

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