Broadband (low-cost internet)

MEDA can help you

  • Connect to low-cost internet as low as $10 per month (based on eligibility)


MEDA’s Vision

MEDA’s mission is to connect the Mission (and beyond)!

MEDA and the Mission Promise Neighborhood envision a San Francisco in which all students and their families–and all other residents–have access to a computer and affordable internet service, at home and school. Having these essential tools needs to be complemented by also having access to appropriate trainings to foster academic and fiscal success.

MEDA is your one-stop shop to learn about technology and how you can harness its power to help your children do better in school, upgrade your skills and manage your finances.

Things to Remember

  • Did you know that kids who have internet access at home are more likely to graduate from high school? 
  • Did you know that almost all jobs at Fortune 500 companies require online applications? 
  • Did you know that you can pay bills, monitor bank accounts and manage credit scores online? 
  • Did you know that your child needs a computer and an internet connection to do their homework? 
  • Did you know that even if you’ve never touched a computer before, MEDA can help you? Stop by Plaza Adelante today to find out more about our free computer classes.

If you are interested in low-cost internet at home, please contact us: (415) 282-3334 ext. 101;

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