Diana, Business Development

Date: October 10, 2012

“I never imagined I could make my dream job come true by opening my own dog walking business,” says Diana Mondragon, an animal lover from Mexico. Diana came to MEDA in early 2011 to turn her passion for dogs into a pet care business. She graduated from our core business training, which consists of six classes; Diana learned of various topics, from marketing and licensing to operations. She then met with a MEDA Business Development Program consultant, who provided her with technical assistance to complete a business plan and apply for a startup grant. Diana’s consultant also helped this budding entrepreneur access different products and services to make her business successful: building credit through a secured credit card and lending circles; a tax seminar to learn about the tax liabilities of being self-employed; and computer classes in how to build a professional website. With the help of MEDA, Diana even obtained her dog walking certification, Pet First Aid and CPR training. A year after she first came through the doors of Plaza Adelante, Diana created her dream job, called GREEN URBAN DOG Hikes & Adventures. This prospering business specializes in dog hikes, daycare and sleepovers. Learn all about Diana’s exciting business at the website she created,