Organizing & Advocacy

MEDA engages and mobilizes the community around public policy issues that advance the asset building agenda of San Francisco’s Latino residents and merchants. Promotes agendas that promote economically self-sufficiency through research, organizing and advocacy efforts on issues related to community land-based planning, community asset building, and citywide policy initiatives.

Make Change Happen

MEDA’s Policy Program develops, analyzes, and advocates for public policies that support a strong and stable working class community in the Mission District and further strengthen low-income Latino residents throughout the City of San Francisco.
MEDA is investing in the following policy areas:

  • Community-Based Land Use Planning:  Advocating for smart and just land use policies that encourage affordable housing, protect community serving small businesses, create jobs for Mission residents, and prevent displacement of community members.
  • Community Asset Building: Working to develop strategies to build wealth for low- and moderate- income community members and to ensure that the community has a greater capacity for financial self-determination.
  • Citywide Policy Initiatives: Working collaboratively with other nonprofits and City agencies to ensure that public policies support the needs of low-income families and small businesses.

MEDA is also member of the Mission Anti-Displacement Coalition, a group of community-based organizations and residents that share a vision for a healthy and sustainable Mission District.  MAC is currently working with the City to adopt a comprehensive community rezoning plan, called the People’s Plan, which will ensure that the community’s development needs are met into the future.