Financial Education

MEDA’s Financial Education & Coaching Program provides low- and moderate-income Latino families with bilingual Spanish and English workshop curriculum and coaching to achieve  financial literacy. MEDA’s financial education program helps participants achieve three key outcomes: Improving credit scores to 650 or higher; increasing savings to three months of living expenses or greater; and reducing debt to income ratio to 40% or lower.

Program Structure: MEDA’s Financial Education & Coaching Program includes:

  1. A series of workshops covering the basics of personal finance.
  2. An initial assessment of an individual’s financial standing (based on three indicators and thresholds listed above)
  3. A budgeting, saving and credit counseling session.
  4. Connections to relevant supplemental services from our partner organizations, including IDA and Cesta programs through the Mission Asset Fund and EARN, Federal Home Loan Bank’s WISH and IDEA programs, and bank account options.
  5. One on one follow up counseling sessions that provide regular “check-ins” and help clients meet their goals.

Curriculum: Key curriculum topics include banking services, credit basics, credit scores and credit history, checking accounts, money management and budgeting, savings, consumer rights & protections, and credit cards.

Download the Financial Education Intake Form: English