Happy Cesar Chavez Day! 10 Best Quotes from the Civil Rights Leader

Happy Cesar Chavez Day! 10 Best Quotes from the Civil Rights Leader

MEDA is intricately tied to Cesar Chavez. The mission of MEDA emulates that of the great leader, plus Plaza Adelante is just a few blocks from the Mission District’s Cesar Chavez Street, Also, one of the four Mission Promise Neighborhood schools is aptly named Cesar Chavez Elementary.

As we take time out to commemorate the life of Cesar Chavez today, one of the greatest American civil rights proponents, we thought it best to look at some of his most memorable quotes, as these words say it all.

“Preservation of one’s own culture does not require contempt or disrespect for other cultures.”

“From the depth of need an despair, people can work together, can organize themselves to solve their own problems and fill their own needs with dignity and strength.”

“We draw our strength from the very despair in which we have been forced to live. We shall endure.”

“We need to help students and parents cherish and preserve the ethnic and cultural diversity that nourishes and strengthens this community – and this nation.”

“There’s no turning back…We will win. We are winning because ours is a revolution of mind and heart.”

“Being of service is not enough. You must become a servant of the people. When you do, you can demand their commitment in return.”

“Self dedication is a spiritual experience.”

“The end of all knowledge must be the building up of character.”

“We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community.”

“The fight is never about grapes or lettuce. It is always about people.”

While the Mission District is facing many challenges, MEDA continues to work in the community to create social equity for all. Si, se puede.

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