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MEDA Expanding Viva Integrated Financial Coaching Model Across California to Increase Access and Equity for Latinos, Supported by JPMorgan Chase & Co. Grant

For 45 years, MEDA has worked to break down and overcome the systemic barriers faced by the low-income, immigrant Latino community endeavoring to build generational assets. This is especially important in this time of federal political vitriol being an affront to our community, other low-income communities and other communities of color. There is an urgent…

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MEDA Sharing its Financial Coaching Model in California’s Central Valley

One of the many highlights of a recent MEDA Financial Capability training was lunch at a neighborhood eatery. This “shop within a shop” featured only one item on its menu: Mexican mole prepared daily by the owner herself, just like she used to do in her home state of Oaxaca. This is the way many…

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